Have a crystal customisation request? Look no further! We use only Swarovski crystals to give our work the ultimate sparkle.

About Sparkly Bling

Sparkly Bling™ specialises in bespoke crystal customisation.  Almost anything you desire can be crystallised from cake toppers to headphones, from stiletto heels to mobile phones.

Offering a bespoke service allows us to produce beautiful one-off pieces of work, but we also like to offer a standard range of products (of course, anything can be ‘tweaked’ to make it that little bit more individual!
We do all of this using Swarovski Elements crystals, to provide a sparkle that is second to none.

We make things prettier!

Yep.  Essentially thats what we do! Why settle for something bland, when you can have something that captures the eye… that makes a statement.

“I’m passionate about bringing the highest level of quality and creativity to every project that I work on. I’m always interested in taking on interesting projects with people that are enthusiastic about their requirements.”